The reality of corporate communications

Sustainable Options Ltd is an environmental communications consultancy providing guidance on environmental issues and business strategy; including public relations, industry & environmental research, stakeholder engagement, and corporate communications. Based in South East London we work in the UK, across Europe and Globally for national and international clients. Your brand reputation means everything to us.


With considerable experience in natural resources, manufacturing and service industries, our consultants provide expertise and creative talent that is designed to increase your market penetration whilst safeguarding your corporate brand. Issues around sustainability, environmental impact and supply chains often become heated topics. We can assist with guidance, strategy and implementation enabling you to reassure stakeholders and shareholders alike. Sustainable Options Ltd is here to help you successfully run your business. 

Who we are

A team of professionals dedicated to strengthening your company's brand. We offer creative solutions on issues that can be perceived as corporate risk. We have extensive experience on environmental & trade related issues as diverse as agro-forestry, biodiversity, food security, water, manufacturing emissions, transport & CO2, through to EU Trade Legislation on AD (anti-dumping) and CVD (countervailing duties). We have worked with the paper industry, forestry, manufacturers, resellers, service industries, the financial sector and investment funds. The common challenge with many of these is public perception; how do customers view your company; how do you ensure your organisation is truly sustainable ? 


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What can we do for you?

Crisis is not a word that any company director wants to hear, but in business the unpredictable does happen. We can help with Crisis Management; a time when good, objective PR becomes crucial.


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